The Golf Challenge Final in Antalya, Turkey

During 2022 will hold 12 tournaments, in 12 different golf clubs, in 12 countries, culminating in The Golf Challenge Antalya 2022 Final.

The Golf Challenge Antalya 2022 Final will be a 4 days golf festival for Intenational Amateur Golfers and will be a 72-hole format of 18 holes per day, the first two days being used to decide the cut.

The winners of the 11 previous competitions, together with anyone who wants to join the final, will play for the cut. The first two days of scores will be used to qualify for the Grand Final.

A minimum of 72 players will be competing in the Grand Final, depending on the number of players for the cut.  Those players who do not pass the cut have no need to worry as we will also have daily tournaments, with cups and prizes for winners.

For the players who have passed the cut to take part in the Grand Final of The Golf Challenge Antalya 2022, we are pleased to announce the following prizes

The Golf Challenge 2022 Champion will win a 1 week holiday in Antalya Gloria Serenity Hotel

The Golf Challenge 2022 Runner Up will win a 1 week holiday in Antalya Gloria Golf Resort

The Golf Challenge 2022 Third Place will win a 1 week holiday Antalya Gloria Verde Resort

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