Good examples are the World Cup European Qualifier competitions organized here in 2009 and 2011, which were played by many world level as well as Ryder Cup players. In addition to several European Championships, from young people to seniors and in between, there are also individual European Championships for women and men in 2014 and 2016.

The Sea Course record of 63 strokes belongs to Viktor Hovland from Norway, a young talent currently in the world’s top ten who earned silver at the European Championships in 2016. He will probably also represent Europe at this year’s Ryder Cup. Clearly, our Jõelähtme golf course has scaled an incredibly large number of peaks in a relatively short time

Of course, you can play golf without having to be a member of a club anywhere – the courses are all open, you can even acquire the right to play and make you way round the course 100 times a year if you wish.

However, club membership provides a good foundation to rely on if you always want to play with us, meet new people or just have a good time.

In addition to membership, it is possible to acquire a share in AS EGCC, which owns and manages Jõelähtme golf courses. They have more than 400 different shareholders, who own more than 50% of the company. Thanks to the contribution of the shareholders in 2003-2007, EGCC construction was completed – all the funds received for the construction were largely obtained through share issues, in which ordinary golfers and club members invested, most of whom own one or two shares of AS EGCC. Today we don’t have any shares for sale, but you can buy shares on the market if you want – so many people who helped bring the club to life in 2005 have reduced the number of rounds due to age and agree to sell to active Estonian players.

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