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The Golf Challenge Tournament is a series of monthly tournaments, each in a different golf club, where home club members and international golfers are invited to join.
*   The tournament will comprise three days of golf:  1st day is the Practice Round followed by a 2 day stroke play tournament, with categories for both men (maximum handicap 21) and women (maximum 24 handicap). Best score of the two days will be counted for the tournament results.
*   The Host Club/Home Club players are also invited to join for both days if they wish.
*   The winner of each Men’s and Women’s tournaments will be invited to compete in the final in Belek/Antalya, Turkey.
*   All winners’ travel costs to Belek/Antalya will be covered by The Golf Challenge Tournament Organisation.

*   All tournaments will be played under the name of The Golf Challenge City and The Golf Club name, ie, The Golf Challenge Marbella, El Paraiso Golf Club.

There is limited availability at some of the tournaments already, so, check out the list on the website, choose which one/s you want to enter, and complete the registration form with your details. We will then be in touch to confirm your reservation!


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