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Ways To Improve Your Short Game

The Golf Challenge is an international amateur golf tournament organization open for all amateur golfers. It gives every amateur golfer the chance to join international tournaments without any restriction or elimination, apart from availability.  We all love playing golf, indeed, for most of us, it is the most important hobby in our life!

We assume all amateur golfers have watched the PGA or European Tour, whether on TV or have been lucky enough to attend the live tournament as a spectator, and have dreamt of being a professional golfer, being able to attend golf tournaments frequently.

It’s true, there are a few golf tours or tournaments, organized as a country elimination which, if you pass the elimination you go on to play in the final tournament.  The difference between those and the Golf Challenge tournament though, is that when we first decided to organize these tournaments, we wanted to be able to play one international tournament in a different city each month and we wanted there to be no restrictions for those who want to join our tournaments. All amateur golfers, of all abilities, both men and women can join our tournaments.

We are delighted to tell you that we have already confirmed 10 out of the 12 tournaments for 2022 with clubs on our website and anticipate that within a few days all 12 clubs will be confirmed and we will reach our target to play one international tournament every month during the year!  We have also had fantastic support from Marriot Group Hotels and most of the tournament hotels have been booked!


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